Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louie!

This was my first time flying with children. This was the first time my children have ever flown on an airplane. Let's just say I was a little nervous. I made sure that I was the prepared mama, who had everything she needed, because I refused to be "that mama" who had the screaming children on the plane. I understand these situations can't be helped, but I at least had to try to be ready. We waved bye- bye to Gran Gran and then we were on our own. The flight went surprisingly smoothly! The only bad thing was the fact that I WAY over packed. All the carry-ons that I brought, all the heads that got smacked as I walked down the aisle with 2 children and 3 bags hanging off my body, good lord!

Welcome to St. Louis!
These are the two lovelies that picked us up,
Luci and Hollyn!

St. Louis proved to be a fun and vibrant city designed for the people. There was this amazing hands on museum, The City Museum. It was more like a piece of art.

Alex, Amara, and Hollyn

You can actually climb in all these metal "tubes". It takes you up into different levels, where you can find systems of caverns, a wooden tree fort, ramps made for feet sliding, a circus show, aquarium, an art area. Just levels and levels, 10 stories to be exact with roof top ferris wheel and 10 story slide, not to mention all the other slides located throughout the museum, and a bar, AMAZING!

You can climb in all of this!
There's even an area for the youngins.

We also paid a visit to the Butterfly House

It was so hot and humid!
Beautiful orchids!
This one was bigger than my hand and so spectacular!


The St. Louis Zoo-Free to the public, and absolutely amazing!

No trip to St. Louis would be complete without a visit to The Arch.

View from the top!

We had such a great time. It always goes by too fast when I am with these folks. Lou and Al have been in my life for...years...and now we have kids that also love one another.
Thank you so much, we love you guys and miss you already!

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