Tuesday, December 6, 2011

60 Years Young!

Happy Birhtday Mom!
WE love you very much. Thank you for all you do and thanks for being the best Gran Gran!

Recent Projects

The holidays are officially here, and that means that the procastination must come to a stop. With all the traveling that we have been doing, and will be doing, time is running out! I have managed to whip a few things together.

Project #1, Pants for Ani

I sewed Little Ani another pair of pants. I sacrificed my favorite, old, green hoodie so my sweet little will stay warm and cozy.

First, I cut off the sleeves and then I cut off the bottom of the hoodie to be used as the waistband.
All I did was sew the two sleeves together to make the pants and then I attached the bottom of the hoodie to make the waistband and Voila, new pants for Ani!

Project #2, Pants for Sophia!

We finally get to meet our little east coast niece, Sophia, this Christmas and we are very excited! So since I am on a pant kick, why not make some super comfy pajama pants for Sophie.

I used some fabric that I had leftover from another pair of pajama pants that I made for Kendall. The fabric is very soft, white, furry, and oh so comfy! I learned that one her favorite characters is Olivia the Pig, so I decided to incorporate her onto Sophie's p.j.s.

I traced a pair of pajama bottoms and then cut the pieces out.

I found a photo of the pig and drew her out. I traced the head and the body was done free-handed. I then cut Olivia into three pieces. I sewed/embroidered her head onto a piece of pink fleece fabric ontop of a piece of felt. I then sewed the pink felt legs to the fleece body. She was complete! Now I pinned her to the outside of the right pant leg (sorry I don't have photos, I'm bummed too!).

Finished product...

I think she's going to like them, I sure do!

Project #3, Christmas tree skirt

Nothing fancy here. I just used up some fabric from stockings I made last Christmas. I cut up the rest of the fat quarter into fours and made a patchwork tree skirt. I backed it with some white cotton/linen.

Our Christmas Tree!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


On my last day in St. Louis, I learned that my grandfather was not doing well, and not expected to spend many more days with us. So the girls and I went to be with my Mom, who was flying out the next day to be by her father's side with her sisters. The girl's and I would continue our drive to El Paso to pick up my sister and her girls, and then continue on to my aunt and uncle's ranch. This was to be our meeting place before the services took place. The bright side to funerals is being able to see all those who are very dear to you, family. What a truly beautiful and peaceful place it is. It was exactly what everyone needed, a quiet place to be together.

We had some good times...

And even better farewells.
We love you Papo!