Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recent Projects

The holidays are officially here, and that means that the procastination must come to a stop. With all the traveling that we have been doing, and will be doing, time is running out! I have managed to whip a few things together.

Project #1, Pants for Ani

I sewed Little Ani another pair of pants. I sacrificed my favorite, old, green hoodie so my sweet little will stay warm and cozy.

First, I cut off the sleeves and then I cut off the bottom of the hoodie to be used as the waistband.
All I did was sew the two sleeves together to make the pants and then I attached the bottom of the hoodie to make the waistband and Voila, new pants for Ani!

Project #2, Pants for Sophia!

We finally get to meet our little east coast niece, Sophia, this Christmas and we are very excited! So since I am on a pant kick, why not make some super comfy pajama pants for Sophie.

I used some fabric that I had leftover from another pair of pajama pants that I made for Kendall. The fabric is very soft, white, furry, and oh so comfy! I learned that one her favorite characters is Olivia the Pig, so I decided to incorporate her onto Sophie's p.j.s.

I traced a pair of pajama bottoms and then cut the pieces out.

I found a photo of the pig and drew her out. I traced the head and the body was done free-handed. I then cut Olivia into three pieces. I sewed/embroidered her head onto a piece of pink fleece fabric ontop of a piece of felt. I then sewed the pink felt legs to the fleece body. She was complete! Now I pinned her to the outside of the right pant leg (sorry I don't have photos, I'm bummed too!).

Finished product...

I think she's going to like them, I sure do!

Project #3, Christmas tree skirt

Nothing fancy here. I just used up some fabric from stockings I made last Christmas. I cut up the rest of the fat quarter into fours and made a patchwork tree skirt. I backed it with some white cotton/linen.

Our Christmas Tree!

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  1. Been meaning to post a follow-up to your Olivia pants project for Sophia.

    You thought she would enjoy the pants....Ohh yea!

    Let's just say that they're already "well loved." A resounding huge success. Sophia absolutely loves the pants and would wear them everyday (if possible).

    Your skills are amazing.