Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Un-Birthday Grant!

I can hardly believe that it is already Thursday!?! We have so much going on the next few weeks, months! Grandma and Papa are coming this weekend and we are very excited! We also have a dual-birthday(twins)  party to go to, and Monday is Halloween, and then we head to Gran Gran's for a quick overnight visit, and then we are off, St. Louie bound to visit ol'Lou (and Hollyn and Alex, and Pootie, too!)! Whew!...It doesn't end there either, enter "The Holidays." I'm ready!

Thanks to Nikki for the motivation to finally complete this WAY overdue project. I am just excited that Granty will still be able to enjoy it!

Let's begin.

I bought a solid hoodie from, sorry to say it, Walmart. I drew, traced, cut-out, and Heat-N-Bonded a guitar and a star from some felt and scrap fabric. 


As you see, I sewed a tight zigzag

I'll get better with time, but I mean well! :)
Happy Un-Birthday Granty!

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