Saturday, October 15, 2011

These early mornings...

Mornings come awfully early in our house. Let me just start by saying that I love my sweet, sweet Amara with all of my heart, but I so wish that she would just sleep until 7:30. Every morning she comes into our room around 6:00 am, when it is still dark out. Upon entrance she says, "I'm hungry!" and then starts pulling her books off of the shelf, and begins to read to herself out loud. Eventually either Sam or myself rolls out of the bed, giving into the 2 year old, and so our day begins :)

Today was the farmer's market. First things first, a stop to see Matt for a quick hello and a delicious cup of coffee before we made our rounds. Making sure that we stuck to our list, we weaved through the crowd from booth to booth gathering  onions, broccoli, a couple different varities of winter squash, and some cabbage. We gathered all the veggies that we will be needing for the week, besides the veggies we harvested from our garden. It's always fun going to the market. It is pretty small, but everybody is super friendly and there is a great selection to choose from! Not to mention that every week there is a different musician delightfully entertaining both vendors and shoppers. The gentleman today played a wonderful acoustic version of "Pancho and Lefty," a special treat for me, it's one of my favorites! After the market, we headed up to another farm stand to purchase some local cheese and some grass-fed beef. Our goal is to try and eat as locally as possible. The area we live in makes it pretty easy for us to do that. In addition to all the veggie farms, there are also hay farms, bean farms, vineyards, and historic apple orchards, bee farms, a local grain mill, and a few micro breweries to name a few! We are also lucky that we can get farm fresh eggs from our neighbor down the road. What else do you need, right? We attempted raising chickens last spring, but I'll just say the dogs won. It was very upsetting. My sweet little chickies, how traumatic for them! Maybe we'll try again soon. I'd like to, but Sam still needs some convincing. He'd rather get a dairy cow!

The rest of the day was spent outside prepping garden beds and laying in the grass watching Ani try to master the art of crawling. After nap we took a lovely walk down the road, passing fields of sage and hay, pastures of cows, hundred old cottonwood and apple trees with changing leaves, and the little creek that is always flowing providing water for Mak and Arlo when they need it most. Today was a good day indeed! How was your Saturday?

I am making a note to self right now. START TAKING THE CAMERA WITH YOU!!! Sorry there are no photos. It's only day two, this is still an adjustment for me. I promise I will get better!

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