Monday, October 17, 2011

Recent Projects

With the weather changing and fluctuating 30 degrees, I realized that Mama needs to start on some sewing projects. Last week I was able to knock out 2 pairs of pants for Ani, a pair of pants for Amara and also some slipper socks for Amara. I like using fabrics that I have on hand, and re-purpose many things as well. Ani's pants were made out of a pouch sling that I made for a friend's baby shower a few years back. I really love the flannel fabric. The other pants are reversible with purple corduroy on the other side.

Amara's pants were made out of a pair of corduroys I got from the local thrift. They were ridiculously simple, I used the already hemmed bottoms and the sides of the pants, put some patches on 'em, put elastic in the waist, and they were done!

These slippers were so easy to make! I think they seriously took me 5 minutes total including sewing. I used an old pair of Amara's pajamas with footies. I cut the footie above the elastic, leaving enough fabric to sew it onto another piece. I then cut the sleeves, using the elastic around the wrist for the top of the slipper. You can cut at whatever length you want (however high up you want the slipper to go :) ). Turn both pieces inside out, pin right sides together, and sew. Turn right-side facing out and you got yourself a slipper sock!

There are still many projects in the works, and there are piles of fabric waiting to be made into the next bag, backpacks, shirt. But tonight, the bed is calling my name. Goodnight!

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  1. So cute! you are a really talented Mama! Barefoot Mama, TX